Good morning parent carers,

SEND Family Voice, Redcar and Cleveland were sent the attached press release from the Local Authority this morning, which outlines the outcome of the recent re-visit of the Local Authority and the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) in November 2021.

The inspection team were looking to see if the Local Authority and the CCG had made sufficient progress since 2018 and cease being under a Written Statement of Action.

The inspection team have judged that the Local Authority and the CCG have made enough progress and the reasons for this decision are summarised in this press release.

You can read the full report here:

SEND Ofsted revisit 2021-Final – version 7

A FREE course for Redcar & Cleveland parent carers, delivered by Alison Wombwell of Chasing Rainbows, I am her voice.


This course will help parent carers to understand that all behaviour is a form of communication, even more so for our children with special educational needs and/or disability(ies). As well as this, the course will outline strategies for managing challenging behaviour. Many of our families have already worked with Alison privately, and she comes highly recommended as a result.


Follow this link to view the event on EventBrite:



For further information on her work :

Numbers for this will be limited so please contact us via the messenger function on Facebook to book a place.

This session will be live streamed/recorded for those parent carers who prefer to attend virtually. More on that nearer the date.

As a parent to a 9-year-old little boy with complex needs I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard the phrase ‘I don’t know how you do it.’

Growing up all I ever wanted was to be a mum. I wanted a welcoming house that my children could run around in and feel safe. I wanted to read bedtime stories and tuck them up at night. I wanted to plan adventures, go on holidays and make lots of memories. I wanted a happy family home.

In March 2012, those dreams started to become reality when Bobby came into the world, but within the first two years, the dreams I had for Bobby were replaced with fear for his future. Parenting doesn’t come with a book and being told your child is profoundly deaf, visually impaired, epileptic, autistic and has sensory processing disorder was a lot to deal with in such a short space of time.

“I don’t know how you do it” came at me from all angles. Professionals, family, strangers. I never quite understood it… Don’t know how I do what? Be a parent? Love my child?

Over the last nine years, I have reached some dark places mentally due to sleep deprivation and doubting my ability to parent during the most challenging times. Aggressive meltdowns, pregnancy loss, giving up my teaching career, the breakdown of my marriage, a global pandemic, all brought with it the phrase ‘I don’t know how you do it?’ What is the alternative of not doing it, giving up?

Before I became a parent carer, I was a mummy first, I held Bobby in my arms and promised him I would always be there for him, I had dreams and aspirations for him, adventures would unfold in my head as I watched him sleep. Little by little every year, the plans for his future changed. I no longer question what job he may have or if he will have a family of his own. Instead, I question how long I can care for him, if he is happy, how much he understands or what will happen to him when I am no longer here.

To the professionals, the strangers, the family members, the judgemental people who speak before they think, those who see Bobby as difficult, misunderstood and too challenging, he is still someone’s child. My child. Despite the aggressive meltdowns and the sleepless nights, I still see what all of you do not. I get so much joy from the moments that don’t matter to anyone else.

You don’t know how I do it… The answer is simple, I wasn’t given a choice, but neither was Bobby. Therefore, I do it for him, to ensure he has the happy family home I always dreamed of providing for him for as long as I possibly can. Because our future is leading us further into the unknown. Because I promised him, I would never give up.

Abby Lewis, Parent Carer from Marske.

Join us on the Monday 28thJune for the first in our series of SEND workshops with Alison Wombell from Chasing Rainbows and I Am Her Voice, our autism journey,  Autism, Behaviour and Communication.


Alison’s blog is the popular I Am Her Voice – our autism journey is really popular with families and can be found via Facebook and Instagram. The blog follows Alison’s daily life of being a mum to two girls with Autism and other complex needs which include ADHD, Tic Disorder, A Chromosome Deletion Disorder and Sensory Processing Disorder. In 2019 Alison also received a diagnosis of Autism and ADHD, at thirty four years of age. Chasing Rainbows was established in 2019 as a support and training service helping to support families, children, adults and professionals through support, consultancy/ coaching and training. The workshop will be held at SENSES CIC, Skelton and free tickets available via EventBrite. Attendees can webcast the workshop if they would prefer.


Image of a forest walk

Come and join SEND Family Voice for a Walk and Talk in the beautiful surroundings of Guisborough Forest every Sunday during term time from 9:30 – 11:00


We’re a welcoming, non-judgemental and friendly group ran by parent carers for parent carers. For those new to the Branch Walkway there’s a cafe, parking is £2 and the route we will walk is mainly on the flat. We want the walk and talk to be about taking time for self-care as adults so for the time being we would like children to stay at home. We meet in the car park.


If there’s demand we will look at doing a family walk and picnic in the summer holidays.


Meet the Steering Group and see how we can support your family.

Stay and Play with your little ones and join us for a morning celebrating the re-launch of Redcar and Cleveland’s Parent Carer Forum – SEND Family Voice.

Held at the (accessible for all venue) SENSES Wellbeing Centre, Skelton.

There will be a friendly accommodating environment for SEND families new and old and carers with children of all special educational needs and or disabilities from 0-25 undiagnosed or diagnosed.

Come along, share some tea, cake and empathy and most importantly make friends with understanding families who are on a similar journey to you.

SEND Family Voice Relaunch Party!

21st June 2021 – 10am – 12pm


With support from DfE, Independent Support has produced two short animation films, which can be used by local authorities, front line services, professionals and parent groups in their communications with parents and young people. The purpose of the animations is to help explain the EHCP process and its important relationship with the Person Centred Connection.